The GRAND CRU Colonades, a 1 meter (3 feet) long pendant light with 5 GRAND CRU pendants, is a new standard element that gives designers a wide array of options. Each Colonades element can be placed in a row or with a specific angle to each other.

Create your individual COLONADES lighting fixture here: CONFIGURATOR.

Detailed datasheets can be found below in section base sizes.


Please configure your lighting solution by clicking the „select“ button in each sector. When this is completed for all sections and your contact informations are added and send to us, you will receive a detailed proposal for your specific request.

The GRAND CRU colonades are particularly well suited for bars, receptions areas, kitchen islands, dining tables, mirrors in bathrooms or conference environments. Usually wire-insulated, tin-plated tensile cable (diameter: 4.0 mm); maximum lenght: 20 m.

We are at your disposal for the consultancy of dimensions, finishes or individual ceiling mounts and other details.