These functional flush-mounted lights can be used as pilot lights wherever permanent lighting is required but space is limited. With just 5 Watts of power and a height of 5 mm above plaster, these lights illuminate permanently in a discreet and aesthetically pleasing manner. They are best used where non-stop functional lighting is required like in staircases or hallways.

Create your individual PETIT PILOTE lighting fixture here: CONFIGURATOR.

Detailed datasheets can be found below in section base sizes.


Please configure your lighting solution by clicking the „select“ button in each sector. When this is completed for all sections and your contact informations are added and send to us, you will receive a detailed proposal for your specific request.

The visible frame is made of 20 mm wide solid steel or brass (material: 3 mm). Fits very well coloured glass. At this moment only for indoor-use. The flush-mount mounting-box contains our innovative clipping-system, which allows you to mount the lights without any tools after the paintwork is done – just clip the lights in and done!

We are at your disposal for the consultancy of dimensions or finishes.