Manufacturing with passion

Their pioneering spirit and thirst for innovation were the driving forces behind the incorporation of a new company in Majorca in 2009. lcb Manufactur GmbH relocated its headquarters and production facilities to Berlin in June 2013. The manufactory has been marketing its collection under the „labo crème brûlée“ brand name since then and renamed it in MASSIFCENTRAL February 2016.

Patented technology

We’re the only manufacturer in the world to have managed to create homogeneous, glare-free and dimmable decorative lighting which meets even the highest of standards using solid mineral glass and the latest diffuser technology. We build made-to-measure light fittings through a very flexible product range for our worldwide clients.

We draw from over 100 years of experience and tradition in porcelain making, paired with new-generation interdisciplinary knowledge: from glass making, semiconductor technology, lighting design and highly specialised polishing and welding techniques to CAD design, 3D printing and CNC milling technology – everything works in perfect symbiosis with our passion for handmade products.

Our manufactory produces all lamps to the precise individual requirements of each customer:

Handmade in Germany.

Our sophisticated production technology only allow for limited capacity and guarantee an exclusive luxury product which retains its value.