A perfect symbiosis of design and technology

The breakthrough in LED technology about six years ago came just at the right time. The company founders initially experimented first with coloured glass, taking advantage of their access to a famous glassworks on the island of Majorca. Today, MASSIFCENTRAL mainly uses white glass for the pendants of its large canopy and round lamps. The tuneable LED Modules provide precise colour variation inside theglass bodies by controlling white light between 2.000 and 2.700 k!

The luminaries come without any superfluous or decorative features. This austerity is in stark contrast to the almost metaphysical atmosphere created by the light they emit and their unique appearance created by the solid glass. These handmade diffusers resembling archaeological finds are not crystalline but delicate and harmonise particularly well with coarse materials or strong design elements in their immediate surroundings. The lamps resemble precious solitaires without being egocentric: instead, they blend in seamlessly with any environment. Whether Biedermeier or Bauhaus – our lamps are self-sufficient.

Careful planning and pre-assembly – especially for bespoke ceiling brackets – allows us to get extensive light installations ready for installation on the other side of the world in time. We’ve never built the same light fitting or installation twice – since that is what is required from these objects, as diverse as the architectural surroundings they are installed in and as unique as their buyers.

Despite all the finesse and complexity of the lighting technology used, the individual characteristics of each lamp, i.e. the glass, plays a central role. The glass bodies are handcast and filled with bubbles in a fine-tuned process which required years of experimentation. This is the only way to guarantee that a solid glass body turns into a functional diffuser inside which all the technology remains hidden and the light effect becomes iconic.

Maximum reduction, independence and reliability are the manufactory’s key requirements. That’s why all details, no matter how complex the requirements, are designed and manufactured in-house.