Factory Eiswerder


From 2022 MASSIFCENTRAL will continue growing through branding new and innovative products using a generous space of 1,700 sq. m.

Our new manufacturing site on Eiswerder Island

The 19th-century brick building was once used to manufacture weapons and ammunition. Now, the arrival of the MASSIFCENTRAL manufactory ushers in a bright new age filled with light and glass. Along with a passion for design we inherited a soft spot for waterfront sites: in 1921, the family’s glass factory “Marienhütte” was located in Berlin Köpenick, on the Dahme River; MASSIFCENTRAL spent its founding years on the shores of the Mediterranean, and – continuing the family tradition – is now moving to a new home in Berlin on the Havel River.

Our very first visit to the listed factory building left no doubt: Where could glass be made to shine so brightly, if not here?And there’s more – we are finally able to fulfil our long-held wish to focus on not just artificial but also natural light.