IXY-Series: Y-pendant light

The IXY-pendant light series are: the I-pendant light, the X-pendant light and the Y-pendant light.

One of the things they have in common: the literally iconographic design of puristically elegant simplicity. Other similarities: the interplay of high-quality materials with the handcrafted solid mineral glass, which, depending on the light colour, looks like sparkling water or sparkling champagne, as well as innovative LED technology. In short, everything that makes a MASSIFCENTRAL luminaire so special and unique!

The luminaires of the IXY-pendant light series can be installed as a solitaire or in a group on a standard or a bespoke ceiling fixture, offering design variety and great flexibility with which to find an exciting solution for any type of space.

The IXY lights are equipped with a tuneable white LED module. This allows continuous control of the light color from 2,000-2,700 K with DALI or remote control. Another detail that fits perfectly with our philosophy of combining timeless design and future-oriented technology.

The Y-pendant light is equipped with 3 LED modules. It hangs from 3 sheathed pull cords with a diameter of 1.5 mm. The standard cable length is 3 m. The standard canopy is used to hold the power supplies and has a diameter of 350 mm and a height of 50 mm.



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