MS50 steel windows

This thermally separated steel system made of 21 different profiles brings the legacy of a window culture into the next era. A small visible width from 35 mm and 50 mm profile depth of the galvanized and thermally separated profiles bring them up to date. The innovative polyurethane insulator with high density is used as thermal insulation and, in combination with high-performance double glazing up to 26 mm, complies with the applicable EU Thermal insulation regulations, as well as modern comfort requirements even in colder regions. Heat transfer values ​​of less than Uw 1.3 W / qmK can be achieved and are therefore suitable for energetic renovations that are eligible for subsidies. The system enables a very high number of variants for inward or outward opening windows + doors and, of course, great sustainability.

Features of MS50 steel windows

1. Viennese muntin windows from 20 mm, glass-dividing muntins from 35 mm
2. Stitched or arched windows, double, turn or bottom hung sashes or permanently glazed elements
3. Classic flange design with stepped offset through high-precision cold-rolled, galvanized steel profiles with a thermally separated core
4. Surfaces in thick-film lacquer system with / without metallic mica
5. Multipoint locking for RC 2 class
6. Large selection of handles from the Heritage Collection or the Timeless series
7. Mechanically fixed stop seal
8. Double insulating glass up to 26 mm and a Uw value of less than 1.3 W / qmK
9. Choice of different glazing beads made of steel or aluminum

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