Terms and Conditions


To avoid mistakes, LCB Manufactur GmbH will confirm all orders by detailed order confirmation with individual lead time which thus will beocme binding contract. An order has to be confirmed by a deposit/downpayment. Estimate lead time or delivery date is based from moment of reception of 50% deposit in our bank account. Any of our datasheets, samples, sketches or mounting instructions will become part of this selling contract.


Prices are indicated in Euros. Packaging or wooden crates are being provided at an additional cost. Prices are ex-work manufacture Berlin and do not include transportation costs, custom duties or local taxes. We request a minimum order volume of € 1.500.- per order, as we otherwise will be unable to release an appropriate order confirmation.


Each order has to be confirmed by a 50% deposit/down payment. The balance (50%) will have to be paid before delivery. LCB Manufactur GmbH keeps the right to delay or postpone delivery until the balance is fully paid. We do not accept cheques but only transfers to our bank account in Euro. Transfer costs are subject to buyer.


We do send samples to potential cooperation partners for display to their customers but request a deposit payment of min. € 250.- net or higher, depending on what was agreed. After reception of the deposit we send the sample for maximum 60 days. If not sent back earlier, after this period we invoice the light fitting at market conditions and discount the deposit provided.Surface finishes and glass colours presented as samples or as pictures on our website / catalogue may vary in reference to the delivered products and must be accepted by the client.


Slight color deviations in the glasses due to different melts cannot be avoided and have to be accepted, as are production-related folds in or on the glass body. The same applies from glass to glass for differences in the bubble pattern, these differences are desired and make our lights appear organic and lively.
All surfaces are presented per samples or photos on our website. The finishing process involves galvanisation and anodization processes and treatments with an alkaline or acidic solutions. These processes manipulate the metal surface and may lead to slight deviations from the samples and within one cluster / delivery of sockets.


Lead time begins when LCB Manufactur GmbH receives the deposit payment. Lead times are approximately 8-12 weeks for lighting fixtures. Late deliveries may not give rise to any damages, deductions or cancellations of orders.


At any time, LCB Manufactur GmbH may introduce the necessary changes to improve the quality of its products, while maintaining the basic features of the article. Every product is carefully created using craft techniques and for this reason certain details (dimensions, glass colors, metal finishes, etc.) may vary from sample or foto found on website / catalogue. A defect of one single part of a light fitting will not allow a refund of the total light fitting. LCB Manufactur GmbH is entitled to change or replace the defectous parts.


LCB Manufactur GmbH is not responsible for goods damaged or lost in transit or if cartons are open or appear to be damaged. Check all contents and note all facts on receipt in presence of carrier. Make claim with carrier at once, save cartons or make fotos for inspection by carrier!