An energy-efficient timber construction is the shell for the partly very large steel windows and doors from the M75 system of this large new-build villa in Hamburg. Especially the complex window details with seals and connections to the timber construction were a planning challenge in cooperation with the clients.

Project Profile:

• Execution period: 01/23 to 05/23, assembly in shell, under construction (in progress).

• System type: M75S with stub arches

• Number of units: 26 steel windows and doors

• Window area: approx. 110 m²

• windows and doors from 1,7 m² to 13,3 m²

• Surface: powder coating, deep black RAL 9005, matt, without mica, with fine structure

• Details: triple insulating glass 8/12/4/12/6, burglar-resistant RC 3 multipoint locking system with handles from „Timeless Series“, lockable handles, glass retaining strips with shadow gap, electric door locks, pre-equipment for alarm system, sash limiter, production of stitched arch facade sheets in identical paint finish