A listed factory built in 1886 on Eiswerder was equipped with M50S steel windows.

This thermally separated steel system consisting of 21 different profiles brings the heritage of a window culture into the next era. A narrow face width from 35 mm and 50 mm profile depth of the galvanised and thermally separated profiles bring them up to the latest technical standard. The innovative high-density polyurethane insulator is used as thermal insulation and, in combination with high-performance double glazing up to 26 mm, meets current EU thermal insulation regulations, as well as modern comfort requirements even in colder regions. Thermal transmittance values of less than Uw 1.3 W/sqmK can be achieved and are therefore suitable for energy-efficient renovations that are eligible for subsidies. The system allows a very wide range of variants for inward-opening or outward-opening windows + doors and, of course, great sustainability.

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