The original steel window profile M20S as a ceiling-high room divider with loft character in the restaurant „Bar Brass“ in Berlin. Minimalist slim and designed for large areas. By glazing the loggia on the upper floor, the acoustics and room air circulation were significantly improved. The small face width of only 29 mm with glass dividing muntin and a profile depth of only 32 mm causes a homely ambience and is at the same time statically very stable.

Project profile:

• Execution period: 01/22, installation during operation.

• System type: M20S

• Number of units: 2 steel window fronts with Viennese muntins

• Total window area: approx. 30 m²

• Window sizes: approx. 15 m²

• Surface: raw steel (partially burnished) and matt painted

• Details: Single glazing 8 mm