The new FerroFinestra thermal barrier system W50 TB carries on the window heritage in its most authentic form, proposing the same forms, proportions and overlapping effects of the original 20th Century hot rolled steel window profiles, refined by cold rolling technology. The innovative high-density polyurethane isolator used as thermal barrier, together with the possibility of housing low emissivity glass up to 26 mm, allow to fully respond to current regulations and contemporary needs for comfort, also in harsher weather conditions, where windows made from solid steel profiles may not be sufficient. The range is completed by a wide range of exclusive fittings in several finishes, reproduced from original designs of the modern era. Any kind of inward or outward openings are possible. Powered by OTTOSTUMM.

Features of W50 TB

1. Precision cold formed steel profiles of 1,5 mm thickness
2. Surfaces with thick layer paint system
3. Profiles have identical sightlines and proportions of FerroFinestra W40
4. Classic “stepped leg” design
5. Mechanically fixed rebate gaskets
6. Accommodates double and triple glazing up to 26 mm
7. High density cast in polyurethane isolator
8. Choice of different glazing beads
9. Compatible with 16 mm friction hinges
10. Fixed glazing, single-sash and double-sash, side-hung and bottom-hung windows opening inwards and outwards, top-hung, vertical and horizontal pivoting windows, window and doors opening inwards and outwards

Available from October 2021.

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