Grand Cèpe

Casted a massive disc of glass this table light is an exciting light object.

Well suited for bars, reception desks or sideboards in entrances,  coffee tables in lobbies of hotels and living rooms or as a decorative desk light. The light is logged into the glass dazzle-free and centrally in the socket which works as well as foot for the light. The outer edge of the glass reflects the light as a thin border of light – just like the corona of light observed during total solar eclipses.

With a diameter of 300 mm Grand Cepe offers a table light in size of a real light object. Both sides of the glass can be oriented to the front, the major light output is directed to the open side with the foot of the light.
The glass discs are casted by hand and each unit is a unique piece of glass work.

Design by G. Hobelsberger und C. Seltmann. GRAND CÈPE has been awarded for outstanding design quality and received a „Special Mention“ at the „German Design Award 2019“. The „German Design Award“ is the highest official German design award and  belongs the most prestigious design awards in the world. Presented by the German Design Council under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for Business and Technology its high reputation reaches far beyond the professional circles.



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