Like a torch fixed in the ground or a plant reaching for the sun, monumental yet filigree: the delicate character of the STÈLE creates a self-confident accent that provides illumination at eye level. These luminaires were developed in cooperation with Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer Architekten Zürich and Walter Moggio from EBP Schweiz AG / Lichtarchitektur Zürich for the new office building of reinsurance company SCOR in the course of the project „Geschäftshaus Rosau“ in Zurich.

With STÈLE, anything is possible: the floor lamp can stand alone or be arranged in a group of any size, standing independently or flanking a spatial arrangement. A flat, proportional base creates a solid foundation and defines the overall shape.



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Every finish is carefully created using craft techniques and metal finishes may vary from pictures found on this website.